Deloitte endorses technology behind APPcelerate

On June 12, Deloitte will present the results of APPcelerate´s geospatial technology, which improves the ROI of marketing and advertising campaigns. 

12J: Programmatic advertising and APPcelerate

The event will take place on June 12, 2023 on the 43rd floor of the Torre Picasso in Madrid starting at 9:30 am. First, Álvaro de Gracia, CEO of Abacus Consulting and APPcelerate, together with Adrián Reyes, Head of Campaign Management, and Antonio Álvarez, the latest addition as Head of Expansion, will present the programmatic advertising campaigns carried out in the APPcelerate solution.

Subsequently, the Deloitte team, led by Carlos del Real, Director of IA and Data, and Yon Vidaurreta, Senior Manager of IA and Data, will present the results collated by the renowned international audit and consulting firm.

The APPcelerate project, backed by two world leaders in the sector, Macarena Estevez and Laureano Turienzo, has become the responsible alternative for user privacy in the face of the imminent end of third-party cookies.

Attendance is limited and the event is almost sold out. If you wish to attend, you can contact us through our contact form.

Deloitte AI&D as conducted a study of the impact of advertising strategies carried out with APPcelerate data in four tourist spatial circuits in Barcelona