Transparency and Privacy

Our methodology is unique and it works. That’s why Appcelerate’s technological and statistical framework is certified by specialists from the Analytical Ingenuity Circle, and its results are endorsed by independent auditors and prestigious academic institutions.

We comply with the latest European data protection legislation. And we impose the highest responsibility on ourselves when analysing real audiences: their anonymity.

Certified and validated by

We trust the Círculo de Ingenio Analítico to certify our models, with the personal approval of Macarena Estévez, who is one of the world’s most prestigious data scientists and science communicators and leader of Deloitte’s team of data analysts until 2022.

We submitted our best cases for approval from the prestigious consulting firm’s business prospects division, which has more than 245,000 professionals operating in 150 countries and territories.

Members of

Appcelerate fits into all the spaces that the world’s largest digital organisation studies, discusses and commands: we are strict on compliance with digital standards, DOOH and connected TV. Members and active participants in its Programmatic and DOOH forums.
Our current proposal stems from our past experience as tech advisers for relevant retail firms in Spain. And we take note of your needs as a priority. Partners and contributors in its extensive knowledge and trends programme.



Our technology is combined to achieve different objectives depending on their specificity.


We elevate the experience to the limits of your imagination: people behaviours, real interest, drive to store, omnichannel contact, etc.

Direct to consumer

We know the terrain because no one feeds and processes geo-based data better than Appcelerate.


The largest event database, activatable with real-time advertising campaigns.


Know your customers’ habits and find out where your potential customers are, in order to impact them programmatically.