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The new era of digital campaigns based on Geo Contextual Data.

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Planning and activation of Branding and Performance campaigns throughout our omnichannel ecosystem.

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Technology for a cookie-free marketplace

We transform digital advertising into a post-cookie world with innovative technology.

Optimize your conversions.

APPcelerate is a new generation ‘Full ad stack platform’ – adapted to the ‘CookieLess’ world – with 21 million mobile devices, more than 15,000 applications and millions of POIS (Multi-sector Points of Interest).

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Increase the positive ROI of your campaigns

Deloitte endorses geospatial technology from
APPcelerate to measure ROI.

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Freemium solution for agencies

APPcelerate ‘s solution for agencies to plan and measure their own campaigns through geo-audiences with self-service access.

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They work with us.

Leader in the development of innovative solutions in the field of programmatic advertising.

Clear Channel
Clece OOH
Large Screen
Phillip Morris
Publicis Groupe

Own independent ‘Full Ad Stack’.

The platform integrates solutions for data management, creative and media buying.

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Featured voices

Quotes from relevant figures on APPcelerate.

  • Alvaro de Gracia , CEO, APPcelerate

    We work with geo-audiences

    “A geo-audience is that anonymous audience, contextualized to geographic data and consenting for their own benefit to be impacted based on their location.”

    Location intelligence.

    Álvaro de Gracia, CEO, APPcelerate Álvaro de Gracia, CEO, APPcelerate
  • Macarena Estevez Macarena Estevez

    Macarena Estévez : Analytical Ingenuity Circle

    Advertising saturation?

    “Linking the digital world with people’s daily lives is essential to stand out from advertising saturation. APPcelerate does this in a virtuous way”.

    We help companies and individuals from an analytical point of view.

  • Claudio Chifa Claudio Chifa

    Claudio Chifa | DLTCode

    Overcome the ‘Cookieless’ environment

    “The technological approach proposed by APPcelerate for the activation and measurement of geo-audiences is the necessary response to the cookieless environments that are becoming increasingly common.


  • Yon Vidaurreta Yon Vidaurreta

    Yon Vidaurreta | Deloitte, AI and Data

    Deloitte endorses us

    “APPcelerate proved to be a fundamental tool to attract the public right up to the storefront. Using the knowledge gained during the analysis of the advertising campaign, we came to the conclusion that, thanks to the implementation of this campaign, 16.8% more visitors would have come during the period studied”.

    Geospatial technology to measure ROI.

  • Laureano Turienzo Laureano Turienzo

    Laureano Turienzo | CEO, Retail News Trends

    A data revolution in advertising

    “In a single door, and at a single glance, they combine multiple layers of data with high-value information such as: INE, cadastre, road and pedestrian traffic, weather, real-time occupancy of establishments, user ratings, millions of POIS (points of interest) of all types of industries, measurement of outdoor advertising media.”

    Omniclient Ecosystems

  • Concha Machín Concha Machín

    Concha Machín , Manager of CleceOOH

    The DOOH measurement solution

    APPcelerate’ s Temple technology has addressed one of the main challenges of the outdoor environment: data management. Thanks to this technology, we can accurately measure the movements and direction of the audience in front of their large-format digital screens.”

    Clece OOH and APPcelerate at the DOOH Forum.

  • Marta Rodriguez Marta Rodriguez

    Marta Rodríguez : General Manager of Gran Pantalla

    Transparency and confidence in measurement

    “APPcelerate’s advanced measurement helps assess campaign effectiveness, segment audiences, optimize placements and make real-time adjustments.”

    The future is collaboration.

Transparency and privacy

Our methodology is unique and it works. We comply with the latest European legislation on data protection. And we impose on ourselves the highest responsibility in the analysis of real audiences: their anonymity.

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