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Planning, activation and external measurement

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Customize your strategy for perfect affinity

Our strategic approach ensures that each campaign is tailored to the unique characteristics of your audience, creating stronger and longer lasting connections.

Reach a broad spectrum of your target audience in an impactful way, optimizing touch points and ensuring a noticeable presence that effectively captures attention.

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Strategically use media, supports and actions that enable a detailed profile of your core audience, in order to maximize the value of each advertising impact.

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We stand out for our boldness in the choice of media and formats. We believe that it is through this transgression that brands manage to endure in the memory of their target audience.

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Strategy based on location and behavioral data

An application to analyze and segment audiences for omnichannel digital campaigns.

The keys

Our strategic approach ensures that each campaign is tailored to the unique characteristics of your audience, creating stronger and longer lasting connections.

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Conversion funnel

At Temple, we optimize every stage, from attracting attention to building customer loyalty, ensuring an impactful and effective customer journey.

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DOOH campaign activation through our DPS

Temple integrates SSP and DSP modules that are flexible and open to any market standard, offering advertisers a wide range of options for their campaigns, including ad-exchanges for precise targeting, the incorporation of new DOOH media and the connection to Connected TV (CTV).

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“From the beginning of the buying process to the point of sale, Temple measures and optimizes every step, ensuring impactful and effective engagement with the shopper.”

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Head of Digital Operations

Algorithms, not guesswork

You will have a single reliable source of independent advertising from which to run your campaigns by applying the best data science to search and getting strategic results.

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During and post-campaigns, we relate historical or real-time information to evaluate the performance of any asset.

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Proprietary geospatial and statistical models, endorsed by leading firms, that circumvent limitations (transit, minimum population) and add unique data to reports (demographics, origin, activity, schedule).

APPcelerate Mobile Retargeting Campaigns

Your DOOH campaign messages can appear in different media.

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Retargeting campaigns

Retargeting after a DOOH campaign is an effective strategy to keep your brand relevant, encourage additional interaction and optimize conversions in the digital environment.

Discover the power of inside measurement with peopleMetrics!

At peopleMetrics, we offer accurate and detailed metrics to power your advertising strategy and data analysis in indoor spaces. From hourly traffic to identifying peak hours, our advanced solutions ensure reliable results.

  • Detailed metrics.
  • Privacy guaranteed.
  • Efficient implementation.
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Indoor Analytics

Real Time Location

Wireless Detection

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