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Discover the power of geo-audiences

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Boost your advertising with APPcelerate.

Access premium inventory, impact your audience with qualified data, unify your visual presence, segment with precision and activate campaigns with unique profiling.

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Exclusive access to APPcelerate’s premium inventory in different channels.

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Thanks to qualified data we help you to effectively impact your target.

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Accurate segmentation thanks to our Data Lake.

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Integration of Zero, First, Second and Third Party Data.

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Campaign activation with unique profiling. Access to programmatic buying.

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“Geoaudience is that anonymous audience, contextualized to geographic data and consenting for their own benefit to be impacted based on their location.”

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Álvaro de Gracia

CEO, APPcelerate

Enter a new era of connecting with your audience.

APPtivate offers you the key: the activation of audiences throughout the entire conversion funnel.

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Mobile Retargeting in OOH and dOOH contexts

APPtivate carries out digital campaigns on cell phones combined with street actions. We can configure campaigns by geographic zones and segments to impact cell phones at relevant times and with information of interest to the individual, maximizing effectiveness.

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APP user acquisition

We help to increase and boost visibility, generate more installs and recurring use of your App.


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APPtivate ‘s model offers a linear cost-per-installation solution, i.e. the cost remains stable regardless of the volume of downloads.

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Illustration of APPcelerate's website representing a hand with a cell phone where the main features of APPcelerate are highlighted.

Meet our DSP

To connect your brand in the programmatic world of digital marketing.

  • Advanced segmentation.
  • Access to real-time inventory (RTB).
  • Real-time optimization.
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Campaign optimization

Transparency and detailed reporting

Technical support and strategic advice.

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The most robust Data Lake on the market: TELCO geographic data and SDKs.

It is distinguished by its geographic coverage, integration of advanced SDKs and its ability to adapt to customer needs.

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Convert clicks into customers.

If you wish, we can show you our solutions to maximize your growth objectives.

Complete our form and activate your programmatic advertising strategy.”

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