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A programmatic ecosystem

APPcelerate is a new generation ‘Full ad stack platform’ – born adapted to the ‘CookieLess’ world – which uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze consumer behavior and contextualize digital media activation in a precise way.

Meet our team

Our broad set of professionals serves a diverse team, ranging from experienced architects to renowned engineers.

Álvaro de Gracia

Guiding APPcelerate’s growth, Álvaro de Gracia leads with strategic vision, driving innovation through pioneering strategies in Location Intelligence.

Antonio Álvarez

He leads digital geomarketing and advertising activation projects, providing a strategic approach to optimize the effectiveness of digital campaigns.

Victoria Cáceres

He leads APPcelerate’s sales team, implementing digital strategies specialized in advertising and marketing client management.

Adrian Reyes

He guides product development and oversees the execution of programmatic campaigns, driving innovation to enhance effectiveness in digital advertising.

José Luis Camps

Designs innovative technological architectures from pre-sales to final product delivery, optimizing digital advertising campaigns.

Portrait photography by Sonia Vaquerizo, Senior Developer

Sonia Vaquerizo

It contributes to the analysis of data and development of user experiences, raising the quality of APPcelerate’s digital advertising campaigns.

Portrait photography by Juantxo Cruz, Data Visualization

Juantxo Cruz

Specializing in content management, digital design and data visualization, he contributes as a specialist in impactful visual reporting.

Portrait photography by Vadim Turcanu, Senior Web Developer

Vadim Turcanu

Supervises junior programmers and manages programming tasks, leading the development of web platforms to improve user experience.

Raquel Velarde

Geo-audience analysis and programmatic ad activation, managing digital campaigns with a precise focus on location data.

Berta Morales

Coordinates the communication department, defining the network strategy and preparing and supervising all content.

Silvia Triguero Sánchez

Silvia Triguero

Expertise in analyzing and executing precision marketing and digital performance campaigns, offering an expert approach to multi-channel strategies.

Tania González collaborates in the implementation and evaluation of digital strategies, focusing on precision marketing and multichannel performance.

Tania Gonzalez

Collaborates in the implementation and evaluation of digital strategies, focusing on precision marketing and multichannel performance.

José Carlos Soage

José Carlos Soage

Leading the Data Science team, specializing in advanced data analysis and predictive modeling. Expert in R programming for statistical analysis and data visualization.

Photo Portrait of Marcos Váquez, APPcelerate programmer.

Marcos Vázquez

Translates design definitions into code, ensuring usability and readability in applications, creating engaging digital experiences.

Portrait photography by Arturo Cano, Software Development Manager

Arturo Cano

Manages the development of software to optimize and integrate systems in digital campaigns, providing expertise in databases and systems analysis.

Francisco Díaz

Expert Angular developer with specialized experience in TypeScript and Node.js. Proficient in both frontend and backend development, as well as API integration.

Portrait photography by Diego Chavez, Software Development of APPcelerate.

Diego Chavez

With specialization in TypeScript, Node and Angular, he is key in the implementation of technological solutions for geolocation-based advertising campaigns.

Alejandro Privado

Alejandro Privado

Penetration Testing Expert: with the purpose of identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities in systems and applications.

Transparency and privacy

Our methodology is unique and it works. We comply with the latest European legislation on data protection. And we impose on ourselves the highest responsibility in the analysis of real audiences: their anonymity.

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Certificates and validations

APPcelerate’s technological and statistical framework is certified by specialists from the Analytical Ingenuity Circle, and its results are endorsed by independent auditors and prestigious academic institutions.

Deloitte company logo

We presented our best cases for validation to the division specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Data business perspectives of the prestigious consulting firm Deloitte, with more than 245,000 professionals operating in 150 countries and territories.

Círculo de Ingenio Analítico Logo

We trust in the Círculo de Ingenio Analítico for the certification of our statistical models, with the personal stamp of Macarena Estevez Macarena Estévez: one of the most prestigious national and international data scientists, disseminator and business analyst.


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APPcelerate fits in all the spaces that the world’s largest digital organization studies, debates and mandates: we are strict in compliance with digital standards, DOOH or connected TV. Partners and active participants in its Programmatic and Outdoor Advertising forums.

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Our current proposal stems from our past as technology advisors for relevant retail firms in Spain. And we take note of your needs on the front line. Partners and collaborators in its extensive knowledge and trends program.

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