Transform your spaces with Indoor measurement.

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Unique and robust measurement experience.

Use APPcelerate’s geographic data and metrics to make informed and reliable decisions.

Maximize your visibility with our Indoor and Outdoor Stands. We offer detailed data on the affluence in Mupis and other spaces, strategically enhancing your advertising presence.

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Boost your strategy with our Measurement and Metrics. From dwell rate to conversion, we provide key metrics for you to make informed decisions and optimize your results.

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Trust us. We strictly comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, guaranteeing the security and privacy of your information in every interaction.

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Transform the way you relate to your audience. Our Artificial Intelligence not only analyzes data, but also segments and personalizes interactions, taking your marketing strategy to new heights.

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Act in real time for impactful results. With our live processing, we collect data instantly, identify patterns and segment visitors into groups with similar interests, allowing you to personalize every interaction.

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Power your strategy with precision.

peopleMetrics can identify the location and path of individual device signals.

Photo illustration depicting a machine that collects cell phone signals from people passing by and counts them. PeopleMetrics.

Benefits of DOOH measurement.

Technology has democratized access to a reliable and professional tool that was previously inaccessible, revealing valuable information that remained hidden due to a lack of accurate and accessible options.

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Greater accuracy in understanding how people move.

Bidirectional measurement is more informative than unidirectional measurement, as it provides insight into movement patterns in both directions.

This can help space owners and advertisers make more informed decisions about product placement, ad placement and customer experience optimization.

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Conquer the big screen with smart advertising.

Discover a new dimension in the analysis of viewer habits and engagement metrics. At APPcelerate, we are transforming the way you interact with TV, providing you with valuable insights and personalized experiences.

  • In-depth analysis of viewing habits.
  • Detailed viewer engagement metrics.
  • Personalized experiences to maximize engagement.
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Connected TV

Audience habits

Participation metrics

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Our technology is combined to achieve different objectives depending on their specificity.

Stores We elevate the experience to the limits of your imagination: people's behavior, real interest, drive to store, omnichannel contact, etc.

We elevate the experience to the limits of your imagination: people behavior, real interest, drive to store and omnichannel contact.

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We know the terrain because no one feeds and processes geographic data better than APPcelerate.

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The largest database of events, activatable with real-time advertising campaigns.

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Learn about your customers’ habits and discover where your potential customers are to impact them programmatically.

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Convert clicks into customers.

If you wish, we can show you our solutions to maximize your growth objectives.

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