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APPcelerate’s impact on programmatic advertising, according to Emprendedores

Entrepreneurs highlights the impact of APPcelerate ondigital advertising. Led by Alvaro de Gracia, this innovative adTech has tripled its turnover since its launch in October 2022. Faced with the disappearance of cookies, it focuses on geospatial data, consolidating its position as a benchmark in geolocation and digital advertising. Article published on January 7, 2024.

Discover the cutting edge of measurement

Our platform is redefining standards, offering unparalleled accuracy in measuring results. From detailed audience analysis to impact evaluation, we are leading the advertising measurement revolution. This was highlighted by Emprendedores magazine.

In a world where geolocation and digital advertising are key, APPcelerate has emerged as a revolutionary solution. This January, the magazine Emprendedores magazine published a revealing report, signed by Ana Delgado, on how our company is facing the critical challenges of programmatic advertising and the disappearance of cookies.

The magazine, a leader in economics and business, highlighted the essence of APPcelerate: our ability to generate audiences without relying on cookies. By focusing on physical mobility rather than online activity, we have created a comprehensive ecosystem. This includes the analysis, activation and measurement of advertising campaigns, with impactful results for advertisers and media agencies.

Geolocation in the digital era

Since the publication of the article, we have experienced a significant increase in attention and inquiries. Our ability to offer solutions without relying on cookies has attracted new customers interested in our unique proposition. In addition, we have received encouraging feedback on our vision for premium omnichannel digital campaigns.

This recognition has reaffirmed our mission to continue innovating. We are committed to the continuous development of our technology, including the application of proprietary artificial intelligence. In addition, we are planning our internationalization and are looking for strategic alliances to further expand our reach.

The magazine gathers the vision of the founder of APPcelerate and Abacus Consulting. Abacus Consulting, Álvaro de Gracia, a fundamental pillar in the creation and evolution of our company to take us to the forefront of programmatic advertising, demonstrating that physical mobility is a valuable resource in the digital era.

We would like to express our gratitude to Emprendedores for highlighting our company and to all our clients, partners and team for their constant support in this exciting journey.

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